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Text Team

The Sister District CA-3/Indivisible Yolo Text Team (TextTeam2020) sent 4,352,000 texts to voters in 2020! While that enormous and successful effort is now complete, there continue to be meaningful texting projects available for those who wish to continue using peer-to-peer texting to reach voters and elect progressive leaders.

We are not currently hosting Text Team gatherings, but we will continue to provide our community with texting resources and opportunities via our LinkTree. Please check our LinkTree regularly for updates. We expect to be back hosting virtual texting events and providing training for new text bankers as the midterm elections approach. 

Notice that we have changed our name from TextTeam2020 to TextTeamYolo and our email address has also changed. You can now reach us at


We’ve learned a lot, changed the face(s) of our political landscape, made new friends – but there’s still more work to accomplish. United, we can keep making the changes we want and need for our country.  

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