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Do The Work

Doing the work is one of our core values. We use both innovative and time-tested tactics to increase voter engagement and win at the ballot box. Read about each of our teams below to learn how you can #DoTheWork.


Call Team

Our Call Team has training and support to get you started with making calls to voters. Research shows that calling voters is the most effective strategy for getting out the vote, aside from canvassing. We know that calling voters can seem intimidating to some, but we assure you that even the introverts among us can do it! Just check out this video.


Right now, calling voters is entirely virtual. All you need is a laptop or device to join the Zoom meeting, and a phone to call voters. Once trained, you can join our regular phonebanks or can call from the comfort of your home when it is convenient. 


Phonebanks and training are held on Zoom – you can find everything you need on our LinkTree. Our phonebank schedule is on our calendar.


Questions? Contact us at 

Text Team

In 2020, we combined forces with Indivisible Yolo to send 4,352,000 texts to voters. While that enormous and successful effort is now complete, new meaningful texting projects are becoming available for those who wish to continue using peer-to-peer texting to reach voters and elect progressive leaders.

Text Team gatherings are listed on our calendar, and we provide our community with texting resources and opportunities via our LinkTree – please check it regularly for updates. 

You can reach our Text Team at

postcard work party.jpeg

Postcard Team

Our postcard team has sent tens of thousands of postcards directly to voters for individual candidates and for voter registration campaigns. Whether you're an experienced postcarder or you're taking your first step into political activism, we have all the details you need to get started postcarding from home.

We are participating in a number of active postcarding campaigns. Be sure to sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date! You can also request addresses for ongoing postcard campaigns by filling out this form.

Our postcard team is available to answer any questions and can be reached at

Canvassing Team

Join our canvassing team on an exciting trip to Michigan! While we don’t know the candidate yet, we have canvassing trips planned for August and October.


If you’re interested in a “Getaway for Democracy,” or other canvassing opportunities fill out this form.

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