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Why Virginia?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

By Amy Seropian.

Do you wonder why Davis, CA cares about the Virginia House of Delegates? Sister District Project CA-3 cares deeply, and after a bit of a break from the 2020 local and national elections, we are ready to get back to work on important state elections. Please read more to learn how you can join us.

There are two important reasons why we care about state elections.

  1. State legislatures are ground zero when it comes to voting rights. This includes the power to redraw state and congressional voting district lines — which happens once every ten years — and it also includes the enacting laws that impact voting rights. Voting rights will be a very important issue in the near term, as at least twenty states, many of them under republican control, are considering significant changes to their laws that will negatively impact minority voters.

  2. State laws have a profound, and growing, impact on our daily lives. Although it’s hard to pass policy at a national level, state legislatures can get things done. Access to education, healthcare, the environment, and gun laws are just a few of the areas within the purview of the state legislature.

And this is why we are excited to announce our first candidate in our first campaign in a new season of activism: Nancy Guy, Virginia House of Delegates, District 83. Nancy won her election by an extremely slim margin on November 5, 2019. This is why it is critical to support Nancy now in order to assure her a win in the next election. The next primary will occur on June 8, 2021. The general election will occur on November 2, 2021. This gives us several months to work on Nancy's campaign. There are many ways to help and you can pick what is most convenient for you based on your schedule and time.

A little bit about Nancy: As a proud product of Virginia’s public education programs, supporting public education has long been her passion. Prior to winning her Delegate seat, she served two terms on the Virginia Beach School Board, along with serving on several other education boards and PTAs. Nancy is also active in her church, Bayside Presbyterian, where she is an elder.

Please read more about Nancy at the Sister District Project’s website:

Amy Seropian is a member of the communications team for Sister District CA-3. She recently retired from UC Davis as the Controller for the UC Davis Foundation. Amy is a 23-year resident of Davis.

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